Tapping to Quit Smoking

Can you use tapping to quit smoking? Or to help your clients to quit?

In this video, EFT master practitioner and certifying instructor, Deborah Lindsey discuss how to uncover the underlying issues that drive your client to smoke and how by tapping on these issues the client can release smoking as a habit

As always, I would love to hear your comments – especially from those of you that have worked with smokers :

Transcript: Tapping to Quit Smoking

Hey, guys, let’s talk a little bit about working with smokers. So what a lot of people want to do is they want to go in there and tap on even the cigarette, even though I crave a cigarette, that’s fine. But at the end of the day, you’re not going to get nearly as far as if you react to the cigarette as if the cigarette is a solution to a problem and not the problem itself. You can always go back and tap on the craving, find useful.

But at the end of the day, the cigarette is covering up anxiety. So what you want to do is start digging in and looking around at what is the cause of anxiety. So the other night I had a student. She was talking to me about a client she had who was who came to her and immediately said, I’m not going to quit smoking, I just want to cut down. And so one thing I recommend right away is don’t even try to take their cigarettes away.

In fact, calm them down, let them know, hey, I’m not here to take your cigarettes away. All I want to do is help you to calm down so that you don’t have the desire for them and ask them, is that OK? Because as soon as they find out that you’re not expecting to bully them through the session in a way that says, hey, we’re going to take your cigarettes away today and you’re never going to smoke again, as soon as you take that worry out of the session, they can relax and you’re going to have a much better result.

And you also take the stress off of you because you don’t know if they’re going to quit right away or not. Most times. And that takes some time to deal with the underlying reasons for addiction. And so, yes, you can deal with the actual smoking itself and the desire and the smell and the taste all that’s fine. But if you’re not dealing with the underlying reason for it, it’s not getting any better. Now, in this case, the man said he’d been smoking since he was eight years old.

That’s interesting. So what happened when you were eight years old? Well, it turns out he was put into foster care at eight. The next thing he said was cigarettes were his best friend. So we now know from just those two little hints that a lot of this probably has to do with abandonment, with feeling lonely in the world, with feeling scared of the things that an eight-year-old child would feel if they’re taken away from their parents and put into a foster environment and all the things that we hear about that can happen in that situation.

But the cigarettes are a comfort for him. And now that being said, he thinks he has lung cancer. The cigarettes are causing a problem. But before you start taking the cigarettes way, you’ve got to go in and start figuring out what is the core issue behind the anxiety that’s driving them to need the cigarettes so much. And if you can go in there and find that and tap that out, then the desire and the need for cigarettes will come down.

OK, I hope that helps everybody go. Go help some people quit smoking. bye.

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