Let them Rant!

In this weeks tip, EFT Master Practitioner and Certifying Instructor Deborah Lindsey discusses the idea of letting the client “rant” and tap until you can get clear on their underlying issues.

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7 thoughts on “Let them Rant!”

  1. Today, Deborah, I had a very hard time to follow what you are saying. I guess I think you are talking too fast for one not fluent in English. It was nice seeing all of you though. //Åsa.

  2. Thank you for the tip Deborah. I will use this for one client in particular that comes in very wound up just to bring her into a calmer state.

  3. Absolutely! Ya know what I use the “tap and rank technique” the most? When I have friends who need to rant and honestly it feels toxic to receive it sometimes so I always say “can you tap while you rant so that at least you are not giving more power to the story?” and it helps LOTS!

  4. Thank you Deborah! For sharing your wonderful Tips. it’s very helpful I worked This technique with one of my friends yesterday I got a great result.

  5. changeyourself.eft

    Wow, profound as I had someone do that and was doubting myself at a later date why I didnt control the session, I just told her to tap while she was ranting.. thank you always!!

  6. Rosemarie Howard

    Thank you, Deborah. This new mentoring idea is, for me, the missing piece of the certification program. The forum is great, but I really like seeing a face or interacting with a person more than just an exchange or note on a forum. The videos in the certification program are great, but hearing your 3-minute bits of advice, encouragement, etc. makes the process more real and personal for me. Thanks for adding this piece.

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