Tapping Partners

In this video, EFT Master Instructor Deborah Lindsey discusses how you can have an endless supply of tapping partners in the Online EFT Class. 

Transcript: How You Can Find Tapping Partners

One of the things people ask me about the EFT training is where do you get tapping partners? People worry about it and I get it because not everyone in your life is necessarily going to understand what EFT is or why it works and you don’t want to spend your time convincing people. So the good news is that in level one, you’re only working on yourself, so you don’t even have to bother finding tapping partners in level 2. You start by working with other students.

Most of the work in that class is going to be with other students. And that’s easy to find partners because everyone else is looking for partners, too. So what you do is you go into our private Facebook group and you just look for other people who are looking for tapping partners. Maybe you put your own post on there and say, hey, I’m looking for tapping partners and maybe respond to other people who are looking for tapping partners. It’s a really simple process.

And then when it does come time to finding people in your community, people who are not fellow practitioners, it seems to be really easy to do. I rarely hear of students telling me that they can’t find tapping partners. But if you can’t, they’re not tapping partners, the people to tap on. But if you can just let me know. I know a million. So there’s always somebody out there who is willing to experiment with EFT for free.

Trust me. There are a lot of people willing to get free at sessions while you’re learning your craft? So it’s never a problem. But yeah, to find you’re tapping partners inside the class, you just get into the private Facebook group and so they’re OK. Hope this helps. bye.

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