Tap and Shut Up? or Tap and Cry?

What do you do whenever you have a client that clams up whenever you try to guide them? In this tapping tip from EFT Master Practitioner and Certifying Instructor Deborah Lindsey discusses what to do when a client goes into overwhelm and how you can help them through it.

Transcript: Tap and Shut Up? or Tap and Cry?

Hey guys, its Deborah little tapping tip for the week sometimes what’s going to happen when you have a client walk in your door? You can have a client who has been holding on to their stuff for a really long time. And it’s like they’ve got this all bottled up inside of them and they haven’t really had any way of letting it out. And so it’s been too hard to talk about it. It’s been too hard to reveal this anyone. And so they just keep it all sort of bottled in.

And then when you start tapping, it just seems like all of that information starts coming up. And. When this happens, it can go one or two ways. One is they have so much going on in their head that your voice, your presence kind of becomes annoying and I don’t know if annoying is the right word as interfering because they are visiting stuff at light speed inside their head. And as they’re tapping, the information is just layering off and peeling off and layering off and peeling off.

And and you can’t even know what’s going on in their head, let alone how to control it. And when you see that happening, when you see someone start to just sort of being in their own world, they’ll often close their own eyes to kind of try to avoid you. In a weird way, there are respectful, of course, most of the time. But there’s this need to go inside and hear what’s going fine and when that happens.

My advice to you is just shut up, shut up and let them talk as a practitioner, that feels like we’re kind of impotent because we think we’re supposed to control the session and we’re supposed to get in and dig around and find core issues. Sometimes all you got to do as a practitioner is the presence. Keep them tapping, keeps them from retraumatizing if any of that looks like it might be happening and be there for them as the observer.

And just let them tap and they’ll be going through a million different issues, you may never know what they’re going through or what they’re covering, but there will be a moment when they will just sort of collapsed onto themselves and they will be done. Now. Sometimes they have enough life left in them that it makes sense for you to say, OK, tell me what happened today. Tell me what you were thinking about what was going on. And oftentimes they’ll give you sort of cursory information because they’re just so tired, so cooked after a session like that.

But they really don’t have it in them to reveal everything that you just went through, even if they could, because they just dealt with a million issues in the last period of time. So when that happens, just say, OK, listen, don’t worry about it next time, why don’t we sit down and talk about that and see where we go from there? And that’s how you can handle that. Now, another thing that happens is sometimes you’ll be trying to help these people and they will lose their voice.

They simply will not be able to talk. It does not mean you stop, doesn’t mean you stop. And it also doesn’t mean that you switch techniques because a lot of people in that situation want to switch to try and figure out what they.

I need to say differently or how they can encourage them to talk or force them to talk, to not do not. They just need to tap. And sometimes even in those situations, they will just be tears running down their face

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