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3 Free Months of the EFT Tapping Mentorship Program​

The EFT Mentorship Program is designed to provide community and support through the EFT Certification process and beyond. Join us for two live calls a month, plus the private Facebook group and exclusive WhatsApp group. Follow the "Success Path" where you learn step-by-step everything you need to know to create a successful EFT practice. Plus free ongoing training to continuously update your skillset, free tap-alongs, plus weekly accountability calls to keep you on track. Members of the EFT Mentorship program get easy access to Deborah through the group.

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Use The Power Of Social Media In Combination With Direct Outreach To Quickly Build A Successful And Sustainable Eft Practice. 1

Getting EFT Clients Through Instagram In Just 20 Minutes A Day

In this class, you will learn how to use Instagram to use direct outreach marketing to connect with an endless supply of clients in just 20 minutes a day and at no cost. This process is perhaps the most effective and most affordable method by which to bring clients into your practice.  The class is taught by Deborah Lindsey and Dawn Pensack. Together they walk you through the process step-by-step so that by the time you are done with the course you should already be getting EFT clients from Instagram! It is the perfect complement to the EFT Certification Training.

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Shifting Your Success Setpoint

Shifting Your Success Point, An Online Course

Tap along with Deborah and EFT Tapping Mentorship Co-founder Dawn Pensack, as we delve into those mechanisms in the subconscious that hold us back from creating the things in life that we really want to create. In this 5-part course, including more than 4 hours of training, we examine the role of the saboteur, our fears about change, the critical mind, and connect with the higher self to attract and allow more success in 8 different areas of our life.  The goal in this class is to examine what holds us back and smash those barriers to increase our setpoint and pave the way for unlimited success.

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Become a Practitioner

Eft Certification Seal Level 2

Both Levels 1 and 2 Included in One Course

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Become a Master Practitioner

Eft Certification Seal Level 3

Requires Level 1 & 2 Certification for Enrollment

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Eft Certification Seal Level 1 2 3

Includes Free Energy Anatomy Course**

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