RECORDING: Live Q&A Call 11/4/19

We celebrated SO MANY wins today!

We also talked about your Positioning Statement and wrote a draft in small groups.  A Positioning Statement helps you speak DIRECTLY to your ideal client. When you try to help everyone, you end up helping NO one… because no one feels they can connect directly with you. They don’t feel like you UNDERSTAND them.

A template for a Positioning Statement could be something like this:

“I help (ideal client) with (their problem) by (what’s your process?) so that they (result/transformation)”. For example, “I help thought leaders create more engaging videos so they can build strong relationships, create more sales, and avoid looking bad online”, “I help women in their 40’s and 50’s who aren’t athletic start running safely so they can finish a 5K”, “I help counselors open a private practice so they have more say over their schedules, who they serve, and what they get paid”. 

At the end of the session, we discussed a few ways to make the EFT/Tapping Mentorship Program even better. Thank you for your feedback – We are so grateful to serve you in this way!

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  1. Awesome call, really enjoyed the info given and the direction with the positioning statement, has definitely made me feel more confident about discussing what I do. Thank you, this is what I am looking for, professional skills.

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