RECORDING: Live Q&A Call 11/24/19

A lot was discussed today. We discussed:

  • Ideas for how to get your business started from scratch, even when you have gotten frustrated and feel lost. 
  • How having a clear vision for your practice can help you to grow. 
  • How to choose your perfect client, Hint: YOU are your PERFECT Client. 
  • How to work with a client who is fully repressed
  • How to get an online class launched, including what technology to use, when to make the leap, and how to advertise. 
  • Using EFT in schools
  • And so much more!



1 thought on “RECORDING: Live Q&A Call 11/24/19”

  1. Great call!!, enjoyed all the free flowing input from everyone and I learnt a lot of strategy and how to work your way into an issue, also loved the marketing advice, Thank you xx

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