RECORDING: Live Q&A Call 12/3/19

Fear is something that holds SO many of us back. 

  • Fear of failure/success
  • Fear of Technology
  • Fear of putting myself out there…
  • And SO many more fears.

If you’re feeling stuck in any way, remember to check out the tap-a-long library in the Mentorship portal – you do NOT need to stay stuck. Acknowledge your brain’s desire to keep you safe and protected (we are NOT wired for entrepreneurship… safety and familiarity feels GOOD!)

We talked about so many things today.

  • How to push through tech fears and get your biz off the ground
  • How to get past feeling afraid to get TOO overwhelmed taking on clients AND working at a full-time job
  • How to add EFT to an existing, successful private practice
  • Different ways you can talk about EFT on a podcast where people may or may NOT be aware of energy psychology or EFT at all

1 thought on “RECORDING: Live Q&A Call 12/3/19”

  1. Was hoping to be on this call as arranged with Jason, but unfortunately missed it, thank you for the recordings it is great not to miss out!!! Lot of great info!! The tip not to be overwhelmed with everything including the state of success, so golden for me right now xx feels great to be on the front line of such an amazing self empowering revolution, very inspired by Dawn’s podcast journey!! Thank you xx

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