RECORDING: Live Q&A Call 12/15/19

In this call, Deborah demonstrates EFT by working with Christine in a spontaneous session to help deal with her complicated and ongoing struggles. In this call, we demonstrate to some degree how to map and contain multiple complicated issues. You also see some inner child work (in this case inner womb work) along with tapping on generational data.  

We also discussed the basics of Instructional EFT and how it works and why it has not yet been taught as an official EFT technique. 

2 thoughts on “RECORDING: Live Q&A Call 12/15/19”

  1. Thank you so very much for sharing this real call, my hat goes off to Christine for allowing her authentic self and for Deborah and fellow colleagues giving care and support. Being a fellow Aussie I think Christine will know what I mean when I say, “good on ya mate for having the balls to say how you really feel!!” and I am looking forward to tapping with you, I tapped along the whole way and feel I shared benefits as well. It was so awesome to see this technique roll out Deborah, Thank you.

  2. Thank you Christine Bennett for allowing this video to be placed into the mentorship program. You are a teacher to all of us. Thank you Deborah for showing all who participated and those who will watch the live phone call video how to work in departmentalizing different aspects of ourselves and clients. It was very deep work and I cheered/clapped as Christine released through yawning. All the instructional EFT explanation was very helpful as well. All this tells me is, I have a lot to learn but am so excited to keep going.

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