Level 3 Master Certification Course — Special Offer for Recent Graduates!

Enroll in the Level 3 Master Certification course within one week of graduation to get $300 off plus the Energy Anatomy for free!

Congratulations on completing the Levels 1 and 2 certification training! You should be very pleased with all that you have accomplished. With your certification under your belt, you will now be able to go on and help so many people. It is an exciting time and I am very proud of you. 

However, the Levels 1 and 2 training is just the beginning. It is a great start, but it is just a start. For those of you who are serious about opening a practice and helping even the most difficult clients to heal, the Level 3 Master EFT Certification training is a MUST. 

The Level 3 Master Certification training takes it to a whole different level. In this training, you learn how to work with what I refer to as “Life Clients.” Life Clients are those people who have more complex issues. Instead of helping people to heal their issues, as you have learned how to address in the Levels 1 and 2 training, you help people to heal their life. 

You may have already encountered a “Life Client” as you have gone through the original training. You can recognize them because it can be really hard to figure out where to start. These people may have had difficult childhoods, chronic abuse, and harmful patterns that they repeat over and over again. They may struggle with chronic pain or be diagnosed with any number of complicated issues. As a practitioner, you may feel like you are being led around by the tail. Or you feel like you are tapping and tapping and you don’t see results.  As a practitioner who truly cares about your clients and who wants to get results, these clients can be particularly frustrating. But it is not your fault! You simply don’t yet have the training to know how to help these clients. 

That is why the Level 3 EFT Master’s Training is so important. These clients, which are the bread and butter of any successful EFT practice, need you to know how to help them. 

What You Will Learn in Level 3

Thinking Like a Master

Learning to see your client as a whole story rather than as a specific issue is critical to being an EFT Master. Learn how to tell the difference between an issue-based client and a life client and how to create a map for working with life clients.

Technique Review and Advancement

Review the Techniques you learned in Levels 1 and 2 to hone your skills and learn advanced skills on how to use these workhorse techniques.

New Techniques

You will learn new advanced techniques including things like "Imagine Violence", Ball of Light, Positive Tapping, Genetic Cellular Memory, Silent Tapping, Tap and Rant, Heart Tapping, Cancel/ Cancel Technique, Inner Child Work including Matrix Reimprinting.

Advanced Strategies for Finding Core Issues

Learn how to trace power leaks and move a client up the emotional scale. You will learn how to ask powerful questions to find core issues and develop strategies for success.

So Much More

Learn planning and note-taking, self-care, creating a client map, global vs. personal beliefs, vows, false beliefs, improper references, self-care, tapping on past lives, the biochemistry of EFT, Forgiveness vs. Non-judgment, using affirmations, and more on reframing.