Five Unsung Pillars of Healing Addiction With EFT

Course Overview

Healing Addiction

Tapping for addiction is some of the most complicated work we can do as professional EFT Tapping practitioners and therefore, we need every tool in our toolbox that we can get.

In this teaching, which is taught by EFT Master Practitioner Deborah Lindsey, we will explore 5 pillars of healing addiction that are often overlooked but critical to helping addicts. Includes one bonus pillar!

These pillars are overlooked by all but the most skilled EFT practitioners and are unknown to most. Gaining access to this information can take your skillset through the roof and separate you from virtually all other EFT Tapping practitioners.

When you really understand and master these pillars, your results will go through the roof!

In a world filled with people struggling with addiction, we need as much help as possible in this battle.

We will delve into each of the pillars and discuss how to resolve them using EFT Tapping.

The Five Pillars that we discuss include:

  • The Upside-Down World
  • Shame and the Desire to Die (including a review of the Rebel Archetype)
  • Finding Meaning
  • Oxytocin Imbalance
  • Collective and Generational Trauma
  • And a bonus sixth pillar: Core Aspects

This class is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes long and was recorded live.

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