Phobias and The Four Fears

In this short video, EFT master practitioner and certifying instructor Deborah Lindsey discusses how to use the “Four Fears” as a shortcut to dig in and find core issues that often linger beneath the surface for those struggling with phobias.

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12 thoughts on “Phobias and The Four Fears”

  1. Colette Connor

    Thanks Deb I had a client who was involved in a car accident and she had a fear of eating in public . She felt that her food would get stuck in her throat. The accident that she was involved in was very scary and thought she would die. A year later she developed this fear of eating in public. It was the video from the course that helped me to identify that it was her fear of dying that caused her phobia

    1. Deborah Lindsey

      Thanks for sharing Colette – were you able to help her once you discovered the underlying fear? I hope so.

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