Oh NO! They fell asleep on me!

What happens when someone falls asleep during your EFT Tapping session? Find our from EFT Master Practitioner and Certifying Instructor Deborah Lindsey in this weeks “Tapping Tips for Professionals.”

Transcript:Oh NO! They fell asleep on me!

Hey, guys, it’s Deborah little tapping tip for all you professionals out there. So what happens if somebody gets really tired or even falls asleep during a session? I I had this happen to me recently and working with this young girl who is struggling with bipolar schizophrenia and, she really is struggling, and so we were tapping on some of the voices that that can tell her to kill herself. And while we were tapping on it, she just fell asleep.

Now, if I didn’t know better, I would need to get scared or insulted. But it’s not like that if you know how you have to work. You know that that means you just have a profound change. It’s like the entire electrical system just shut down and she’s feeling. So it’s a really great thing. Don’t let it freak you out. Don’t let it worry you. And if somebody only needs a 15 or 20 minute session and they get really tired, that’s a great indicator that it changes taking place.

It doesn’t mean that they’ve had the entire change. Like, I don’t expect my client to be over schizophrenia because she fell asleep. It’s just whatever we were working on, whatever piece was in there that needed to be collapsed was collapsed. So consider that a big win, guys. OK, hope that helps, bye.

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