RECORDING: Live Q&A Call 7/15/19

In this week’s call, we continue our discussion from last month about the differences between a life client and an issues-based client. Christine shared a few stories about clients ‘running away’ after just one session so we heard from members in the group how to set expectations with our clients that there are MANY parts of the healing journey and how taking care of a symptom isn’t necessarily resolution of an issue (there are symptoms, thoughts/beliefs, events, and emotions).  This recording has LOTS of stories and Paul and Diane shared some great tips about what trauma is from a clinical standpoint and an interesting way to approach it with yoru clients.  And so much more! 

Check it out and let us know your thoughts.  We’re a community of practitioners with different styles and experiences. Together, we’re better! 

2 thoughts on “RECORDING: Live Q&A Call 7/15/19”

  1. efttransformation

    Thank you so much to Paul and Diane for your guidance.
    I have printed out a “Window of Tolerance” graphic organizer. I love it and am focusing on keeping myself within my Window of Tolerance.
    I find that this tool will help me slow down my pace during my sessions and give clients time to feel safer, as I will try to keep them within their Window of Tolerance by moving up the emotional scale slower. It will give them time to adjust to their new level sort of speak.

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