RECORDING: Live Q&A Call 6/17/19

In this LIVE Q&A Session, we CELEBRATED so many wins in our group! Kudos to all of you for taking ACTION. Remember, with action… comes CLARITY.

We also talked about:
– possible reasons for ‘resisting success’

– why it’s okay to feel a bit frustrated at the beginning of the EFT Certification process 

– ways to foster more creativity and commitment to WRITING since this is a big way we build our brand and get known in the industry for what we do

-why overcoming perfection is really important to moving your business forward (remember -nothing is EVER perfect!)

– ways to pitch EFT and sell your services throughout the entire workshop or presentation so people know there are ways they can work with you for even MORE support

There were so many GREAT questions asked in this call. Thank you to all who showed up LIVE. If you weren’t LIVE but have questions, please reach out and let us know so we can make sure to answer your questions and get you on track for SUCCESS.

1 thought on “RECORDING: Live Q&A Call 6/17/19”

  1. A great video! I had so many of the same questions, since I am just starting my eft practice. Thanks so much for all the great information. I am looking forward to seeing the intake sample forum. Hope to be on the next live call!
    Amy Brede

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