RECORDING: Live Q&A Call 5/20/19

Neshama shares a few big wins she’s had in the last few weeks with scheduling workshops.  She’s proof that 1. relationships and network HELPS, 2. you can get out there and ASK and 3. sometimes, opportunities fall in your lap.  Thank you so much for sharing, Neshama!

In this video, we focus on TRAUMA. There’s a few tips in here about ways you can help clients through traumatic experiences as you use Tearless Trauma or the Movie Technique. It may feel scary and hard to dive into a traumatic experience with a client (especially a NEW one!) but you absolutely CAN.  Some of these tips can be great to put in your back pocket as you work with more and more clients with diverse needs.

Check it out and let us know if you have something you’d like to share OR add.  We’re a community of practitioners with different styles and experiences. Together, we’re better! 


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