RECORDING: Live Q&A Call #4, 5/1/10

In this video, Sandy shares how she registered on the Tapping Solution’s platform and has gotten several clients this way. She shares her WIN working with a new client and asks about ways to help clients who are experiencing long-term, chronic issues.

Dawn shares a few tips she’s used to encourage clients to go into deeper subconscious layers to really peel back the ‘onion’ and get to the core issue. Many times, great questions (and some silent tapping) will lead the way! 

We also discussed ways to approach local businesses (yoga studios, holistic practitioners, chiropractors) about doing a free (or low-cost) information session to spread the word about you and what you do (and bring in more clients!).

If you’ve had success with a client experiencing a long-term issue, please share the story and let us know what worked (and what didn’t!). We can all learn so much from each other.

Any questions or comments?  Leave a comment below. Thank you so much for being a part of our Mentorship Program.

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