Live Call: Join us for the Live Call with Deborah on Wednesday, 5/8

Join Deborah on Wednesday, 5/8 at 9 pm Eastern time on Zoom for a Live Group Video call to discuss all things EFT. There will be some discussion about clients, some Q&A, and and some tapping. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Here is the link to join on Zoom.  Just click the link at the time of the call to join in the fun.



8 thoughts on “Live Call: Join us for the Live Call with Deborah on Wednesday, 5/8”

  1. braintrainingsolutions

    If we miss a live call will it be posted to hear it recorded at so.e point after the live call?

    1. Yes! All the calls are recorded. They should all be posted. If you don’t see one, please let us know and we’ll direct you. Thanks for reaching out!

      1. braintrainingsolutions

        Thanks Dawn! There are a few that I am able to access recorded, but I’m not able to access the following (no recordings showing):
        3/25 with Dawn
        4/10 with Deborah
        5/1 with Dawn
        5/8 Live with Deborah
        Thanks for your help; it’s greatly appreciated!

        1. Hello – We checked into this and everything looks good from our end. Are you clicking on the posts with the LIVE calls?

          1. braintrainingsolutions

            Hi Dawn, yes, I am clicking on the posts with the LIVE calls. I just tried 4/10, 5/1 and 5/8 LIVE calls which open to a zoom link (all other LIVE calls are opening to a video). I tried scrolling through NEXT POST to see if that would allow access, but then when I arrived on the dates above it said faulty link. Any suggestions are very welcome.

            warm wishes,

  2. braintrainingsolutions

    Hi Dawn, I haven’t been able to resolve this 🙁 I continue to be unable to access the dates I listed.

    I am thrilled with the mentorship program and don’t want to miss any of these that I haven’t been able to listen to. I would love help with this.

    Thank you!

    warm wishes,

  3. braintrainingsolutions

    Hi Dawn,
    Is it possible to send me a link (via my email address) to the following recorded webinars that I’m not able to access 3/25 with Dawn, 4/10 with Deborah
    5/1 with Dawn, 5/8 Live with Deborah? I’ve continued to try, but to no avail. The zoom link for the live webinar is all that’s available unlike the others that provide a recording of the webinar. Can you help me resolve this?

    warm wishes,

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