How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business? – Marketing Tip

There are a LOT of social media platforms out there that you can use to grow your EFT business. Most of us are aware that in order to be effective using social media, we have to be consistent, build an engaged community, and let people know what we do and the services we provide. Dawn primarily uses LinkedIn to grow her EFT business and land awesome clients. Here, she walks you through the steps to take so that you can determine if LinkedIn is a platform you’re interested in using as you build your EFT business AND what you can do to ensure you’re using the platform in the best way – to build your network, personal brand, AND client base!

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4 thoughts on “How to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business? – Marketing Tip”

  1. Interesting about LinkedIn….I have visited occationally but has not been very interested earlier. I guess the language is English?
    I had some difficulty to follow when you talked too fast….or do you have English talking people this training?

    1. Dawn Pensack

      Can you clarify about English-talking people in this training? I’m not sure I understand. Thank you for your feedback though and I’ll try to slow down when I’m talking – apologies!

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