How to Use Direct Messaging to Land Clients – Marketing Tip


If you’ve ever wondered, “HOW do I reach out to people so that I can land new clients?”, THIS training is for you!

After listening to this training, you can start landing new clients NOW. You’ll learn the exact steps you can take to use Instagram to find the people you want to work with (hello, hashtags!), and create a message just for them so that they become potential clients.  One of the great parts about Instagram is that it is SUPER easy to find people struggling with the exact thing you can help them with.  If you’re interested in working with people with anxiety, pain, chronic stress, vision disorders, etc., learn exactly how to find them, reach out to them, and share information about how you can help them. 

YOU can land new clients today – check it out to learn how!

Script Templates

Link to the Gary Craig ‘Intro to EFT’ video mentioned in the training video:

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1 thought on “How to Use Direct Messaging to Land Clients – Marketing Tip”

  1. This is an awesome training!

    Is there a way of making the script downloadable? I can download it but it seems to be tied to Pintrest and it gets blurry when I zoom in. Or maybe I am doing something wrong?

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