How to Heal Fibromyalgia Naturally

In this video Holistic Health Practitioner Deborah Lindsey tells you how you can heal yourself of Fibromyalgia naturally. She discusses the role of acidity, allergies, sugar, stress, trauma, and the value of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and even muscle testing. This is, in essence, a cure for fibromyalgia. If you follow these steps you can indeed be healed. Fibromyalgia is both an acid issue, and an autoimmune issue. It’s important to note that she doesn’t recommend any vitamins or other remedies.

Transcript: How to Heal Fibromyalgia Naturally

Hi, everybody, this is Deborah Lindsey, and I’m here to talk to you today about how to heal fibromyalgia. I’ve had so many people asking me lately that I feel like I just have to take the time and let people have this information. So many people are hurting from it. They’re out of jobs. They can’t work. Their family life is destroyed and they can’t seem to figure out what to do. You go to doctors and they have no idea what to do.All they do is provide for themselves. And, you know, that ultimately might cover up the pain, but it doesn’t solve anything. So so let me see what I can do to help you. First a little bit about me. I worked as an alternative health care practitioner for, well, since 2000. So I’ve helped many people. And since I closed the center, I went on to start the holistic healing program at the International Metaphysical  University, where we trained holistic healers to do this kind of work to this day.So I’m very involved in the field and I’ve been doing this a long time. So, OK, so when people talk about fibromyalgia, the first thing that happens is doctors will call it an autoimmune disease. And as soon as that happens, they wash their hands because they really don’t understand the nature of diseases and they have no idea what to do about it. So all they can do is pump you with, know, painkillers. They have nothing else to do for you.

So so let me talk a little bit about what’s causing the fibromyalgia. So you’ve got the first thing, which is acidity and the second thing, which is the autoimmune aspect of it. So I’m going to talk about them both because they’re intricately related. So the first thing is the acidity. OK, so I’m going to talk about the acidity first because it’s the most obvious. So when you think about acidity, think about battery acid and you think, well, what’s that have to do with me?

Well, your body creates a form of acid to digest your food. And so that acid is then supposed to be expelled through appropriate channels. But when you’re eating things that your body deems as either allergies or it seems as well, or they’re overly acidic and your body can’t kick it all out, it has to find a place to put the acid. So when it starts to do, depending on your body shape, it stores it in the fat cells, but then it will start to put it into the muscles and it puts it into the muscles, because if it gets to the organs, you’ve really got a problem, because when it gets to the organs, it’s now going to cause heart attacks.

You’re going to get organ failure, diabetes, all sorts of terrible things start to happen. So it puts the acid into the muscles as a form of protecting you. So what you hope to do is figure out what’s causing the acid. That’s the first thing. And you have to get it out of the body. So, um, so the first thing you have to look at is your diet. And I know people don’t want to hear about that.

They don’t want to talk about diet, particularly because what we’re talking about are things you almost assuredly love because your your body keeps going back for more or you keep coming back for more. So the first thing I hate to say it, guys, but it’s sugar and sugar is so addictive. But it is a poison in your system. And I’m as guilty as the next person of of loving sugar. So you have to start by an extra your diet.

I’m sorry to tell you, you can’t have a morsel of it at when you’re in the healing stage. And in this case, I even say fruits have to be cut out largely, if not completely. A lot of people have had success with juicing because it gives you this tremendous nutrition that you need. It helps to heal the energy system or the digestive system. And it’s just filled with alkalinity if you are using a lot of fruits and vegetables, you can also just go to a plant based diet, you know, a lot.

A lot, a lot. A ton of fruits and vegetables. The Atkins diet has no sugar, which is good, but it has a lot of meats in it. So you can experiment with that and see if that works for you. But the key is you’ve got to get your alkalinity right so you can buy some Alkaline strips online. Some places you can get them like CVS or whatever. Just read the instructions and start to take your alkaline reading every morning and then you’ll be able to start getting a gauge as to how much more new acid your body is still producing.

So that’s step one. But you still have to get the acid out of your system. So to do that, you’re going to have to do this a lot longer than you hope because the body has to feel like it’s safe to let go of that acid. So the other thing is you’ve got to drink water and people that I know or you know who have fibromyalgia almost always reject the idea of drinking water. I don’t know why, but your body can’t possibly get all that acid out if it doesn’t have a transport system.

And so you’ve got to drink more water than you ever thought you could and not water with sugar in it or fake sugars that’s, you know, kind of defeat your purpose. So the next thing you need to look at our allergies, because oftentimes allergies are the trigger and one of the bigger triggers is these fake sugars. So if you’re drinking diet soda or you’re putting fake sugar of some sort into your coffee or whatever, it’s it could very well be the cause of your fibromyalgia because it might just be a poison that your your body is reacting to so strongly that you are having symptoms that are equated as fibromyalgia.

So you have to start looking for other allergens. What is causing the acidity? So if you’re someone who has backed up bowel, most likely the problem is wheat gluten, not just gluten, but wheat. And often it’s not even just wheat. It’s like grains. So it can be brutal, which again, brings you back to the juicing because it can give your bowels time to to heal. And it’s really not nearly as difficult as you think and can be quite delicious.

I’ve enjoyed the juice myself. The difficulty is not having sugar in it. If you’re going to use sugar, stevia or use or you honey. But even then, remember, you’ve got to consider the acidity issues, so you’ll be OK. So next thing we’re going to talk about. So that’s allergies. Let’s finish that quickly. So allergies, wheat, dairy, are the other two likely culprits? Dairy, of course, being a sugar, lactose, the sugar.

And the other thing you might want to do if you can’t, and I know it’s hard for a lot of people is muscle test to find out what the allergens are and. You can take a class, you have you. It’s the energy physiology of muscle testing. But that’s the long way around. Find yourself a talented muscle tester who can do it. And so this is also called touch for health kinesiology or muscle testing. And you can often find chiropractors who are trained in it.So you might want to call local chiropractors offices. You can find people who do something called an AET elimination technique. And also JMT, the Jackie Miller technique are techniques that do allergy elimination or TAP type of acupressure technique. I think it’s called, um. So if you can find somebody who will do the muscle testing with you and then the practitioner or the practitioner or the JMT practitioner can often actually help you to eliminate allergies. But in this case, I would still take them out of your system until your symptoms are gone, then introduce them back in.

The other thing you can do is the elimination diet. So when you’re doing the juicing or whatever, you’ve got all the brains out, you’ve got all the sugars out and then give it a week or two, start to feel the difference in your body and you might even feel it right away. But then after your pain has diminished significantly or you are pain free, which is highly possible, then start adding things back in to it slowly and watch to see whether or not the symptoms return.

I have a friend who did this. She did the juicing off like 40 pounds and all of her pain went away, which was just amazing. She had fibromyalgia for many years and then she realized that as soon as she started introducing back into her diet in any form and meats and everything, guys, you have no idea until you start looking at labels how many foods that you’re eating have some variation or some form of wheat or grain or sugar. OK, so find yourself a allergy muscle tester if you want, or just do the elimination diet.

You can do it everywhere. But allergies are often the culprit in fibromyalgia. So, um, and the juicing is really good because it could kill your digestive system. Sorry, I’m in another country today and I seem to be allergic to some of the things in the here, so I work on it today. Um. OK, so those are the first two obvious causes of the city acidity, which is sugar and allergy allergens. So the diet and allergies.

So the next thing that causes acidity, believe it or not, is negative thoughts. I know people don’t think about this and this is going to tie into the immune system section. So your immune system was designed to protect you. It was designed to identify whenever a pathogen or a virus or a bacteria or protozoa is coming your way and kick it out before it gets there. So it’s its job is to protect you from a dangerous environment. OK, so the problem with that comes in when your dangerous environment goes beyond the obvious of, you know, viruses and bacteria.

Now, your body, for whatever reason, is identifying the external world and the internal world as being dangerous. So. What does this mean? A friend of mine, Mary Fallin, once put it to me really succinctly when she said that everybody will ask a simple question in their life that will define everything she said. You will ask the question of do I feel safe in the world? And if you don’t live in the world, your immune system will react appropriately.

So you need to ask that question, do I live in a safe world? And for most people, especially those who are chronically ill with autoimmune disorders, they do not feel like they live in a safe world. They’re often people who are addicted to television. That is just. Just chronically stressed triggers chronic stress triggered with fear everywhere, the news is just filled with fear mongering and television shows that have murder and mayhem of all sorts. And your body can’t tell that it’s not real for your immune system, can’t tell that it’s not real.

So it begins to protect yourself from all the negativity in your life. Now, add to that the chronic stress of survival. So if you’re someone who’s really struggling financially and or you’re worried about, you know, how am I going to pay this bill? And I feel, what if I take this one? If they take that and that stress, that chronic stress will trigger the fight or flight response in your immune system and the immune system will begin to attack to attack you?

It’s not doing it because it hits you. It’s doing it because it thinks you are in danger and it’s trying to protect you. So this could be triggered by a couple of different things. One, again, is the external environment. It can also, you know, so external environment would be real honest to goodness threats. So if you’re living with somebody who might beat you up or the bank is calling every day that they’re going to come to take your house or your boss, it’s me to you. Those kinds of triggers are real external, external fear-based triggers that are going to activate your fight or flight responses. So then there’s the internal triggers, which is and the TV could probably go into that category. And then there are the internal triggers which are unhealed traumas. So I know this doesn’t make sense to a lot of people because you think time heals all wounds, but it’s really just not the case. Once you get a blockage in your energy system from trauma, that trauma can play over and over and over and over again throughout your entire life waiting for an opportunity to heal.

This is often the underlying cause of anxiety, which a lot of the people I know who have fibromyalgia also struggle with anxiety. So you have to learn how to get those traumas out of your system. And that can be done most efficiently with a protocol called the emotional freedom technique. E.F.T. It’s called and I have done a lot of protocols in my life. I know a lot of healing processes. And EFT, in my opinion, is far and away the most efficient, effective protocol out there. And there’s a lot of them. Many of them are quite kooky or make an awful lot of claims if he is just. Effective and easy, and anybody can do it. And once you learn how to do it, you can continue to use it in your own life every day. So you really need to seek out an active practitioner, I think, and learn how to do that. You can also take the training off of the training at the International Metaphysical University, or you can go to my own website, which has a lot more information online EFT I also have a lot of practitioners out there that or have access to the practitioners. If I get them up online and you can contact me and I will recommend to you a practitioner, it can all be done online. So it doesn’t have to be somebody in your local community, although if you have somebody in your local community, it’s always good. But what the EFT does is it goes in and it clears those traumas out of your energy system. It’s really innocuous. There’s no pain, there are no negative side effects. It’s so easy that it will shock you, especially if you have some sort of long term emotional trauma sitting with you for decades, you know, parents parental problems or problems with your sibling or teasing when you were a kid or a divorce or losing a house or getting fired from a job or having somebody die, that you cared for all of those things and myriad other things get stuck in your energy system and they have way more authority than you can ever imagine in terms of your health because it gets stuck in your energy system like the grooves on a record. So they continue to activate this fight or flight response and your energy system and or in your immune system, and until you get those cleared, your chances of actually healing from fibromyalgia are very, very small. Now, you can also try acupuncture, but it’s just not as fast or as efficient, I think, as EFT just hands down. I think you’ve got to get it. So the other thing is you’ve got to pay attention to your own negative thoughts and emotions because your negative thoughts set up this pattern of instructing your body that it’s an unsafe world. It just continues to over and over and over again affirm the fact that it’s an unsafe world. Every thought has an energy that is then transmitting information to your immune system. And so you’ve got to learn how to start switching your thoughts to more positive thoughts because what happens is you take this negative thought and your body reacts. It reacts in terms of emotion and then you have a negative emotion, which is this trigger that then activates it and tells the immune system to get to work because we have a fear or something here to be afraid of. So we better hurry up and get to work and then you’re in pain again.
So that’s also tied into your negative words. So you think a negative thought, you say a negative word, you and then you have a negative emotion and the body reacts and you’ve got a problem because then it has triggered the immune system and you’re going to feel pain. Sorry. So just to recap, to get over fibromyalgia, you have to change your diet. You’ve got to find out if there’s an allergen. You’ve got to get the sugar out. I think a juice-based diet is very good or a plant-based diet is very good. Check your asset base, check your levels of humidity levels and then see if there are any allergens. You can go see a muscle tester or kinesiologist for that, or you can just eliminate things from your diet and see if the pain goes away. And then you’ve got to start looking at your thoughts and your emotions and your words and healing your history, feeling your traumas, and feeling these emotional issues through the emotional freedom technique. So I think that is most of what I wanted to tell you. And it is possible to heal fibromyalgia. It’s more possible than, you know, it will take some work on your part and it will be transformative. It will change your whole life when you start to realize that you’re not you don’t have the luxury of a single negative thought anymore. You just don’t have the luxury of it because your body reacts so profoundly to it that you have to learn how to use affirmations. You’ve got to learn how to think positively and recognize that you have that power within you because so many people who have fibromyalgia feel completely powerless. But the one thing that you have power over is your thoughts and your words. You have absolute power over them. So what you can do is when you hear a negative thought coming in, you just said cancel, cancel and then shift to a more positive perspective on it. And every time you do that, you learn to train your body a little bit more, a little bit more. And you can also use positive affirmations so you can take an affirmation as I live in a safe universe. I live in a safe world. I am safe and protected at all times. And you can say them over and over and over or say them every time you find yourself starting to feel afraid. I am safe and protected or I live in a safe universe. I live in a safe world. And you’ll find that your body starts to relax.And as you do more and more of the EF.T., you know, you can either take the training yourself, which is great, because my online training actually has two parts. Little one is all about healing yourself. And then level two is about becoming a practitioner. And once you heal yourself and you know the stuff, you might actually want to go on and help others. So you might want to take both levels of the training to heal yourself and kill othersAnd I do work with you in that class, including a tapping session to get one free tapping session as a result of it. And and I’m really not putting this out there to get clients for fibromyalgia. They don’t take a lot of clients and others are really just people in the class, but I can recommend it to people who will, you know, who do have the training to help you. OK, so you’ve also got to get your thoughts right, so if you want help with that, I teach a class at the International Metaphysical University called the Principles of Metaphysics, which really would give you all the information that you need about how to get your head right, how to get that right.


And it’ll shock you, the information that you didn’t know before about how to use your mind and your emotions to create your life. And it’s not just the classroom of attraction, you believe. So this is a class that actually teaches you the underlying principles of the universe and it gives you an insight into how things work. So I hope that this sincerely I sincerely hope that this helps many people to get over this horrible ailment called fibromyalgia. Just find any way you can to get the stress out of your life, get the emotions cleared up, get somebody to get the sugar out of your body and the wheat, and you will find that you begin to heal.


I hope this is helpful. You can reach me at the International Metaphysical University or online EF.T. OK, have a great day.


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