How Long Does It Take For EFT Tapping To Work?

How Long Does It Take For Tapping To Work
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How long does it take for you EFT Tapping to work? So one of the great things about EFT Tapping is how fast it is. Sometimes you can feel relief in as little as one round, which is basically like 30 seconds to a minute. So how do you know that you EFT worked? So you’re going to know because you took your Z- score. I have a previous video on that and you can feel before and feel after. Has there been a change in how you feel? You might also get, particularly with the several rounds of tapping, something called a cognitive shift. And that is where you see things differently. Like your perspectives before and your perspectives now have changed. Now, you might also just feel integrations. Like, for example, you might get really tired, you might yawn, you might burp, you might just feel a relaxation in your body. Those are all indications the EFT is working. Another one is you just might get really tired.

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