Let’s Do It Together!

Getting Out of the Gate with Your EFT Business

Thursday, May 5, 7 to 8:30 pm Eastern

Getting those first clients can be daunting! In this 90-minute hands-on training, we are going to implement a no-resistance strategy together to get those first 10 clients. 

The goal of this exercise is to overcome the barriers that say: 

  • I don’t know enough!
  • I’m scared to try!
  • I don’t know how to get clients!
  • No one will pay for this!
  • How much do I charge?


The Strategy

The strategy is simple. Together we will craft a post to put on your social media accounts (Facebook or Instagram). In this post, we will create a very compelling offer based on a legitimate reason to offer your services for a very low price. 

This gets people in the door. Then we turn them into regular clients. This does 5 things: 

  1. It gives you the confidence that people WILL sign up for your services 
  2. Proves to you that you know enough and that people will get well
  3. Builds momentum as these clients sign up for more sessions
  4. Helps you to learn how to market yourself (not EFT)
  5. Puts you on a solid path toward building a specialization, a powerful key to creating a profitable EFT practice

Beyond that, it helps you to FEEL the correct price for your service. After a few sessions, you will KNOW that your service is worth more and feel comfortable increasing your prices. 

Who Should Sign Up?

You should sign up if:

  • You are new to EFT and do not yet have a client base
  • You are nervous about getting started
  • You are willing to start out at a low price
  • You have some kind of social media following, a sizable email list, or some other access to a sizable group of people in a digital platform (for example a forum, Dischord, or the like)