Free EFT Teachings

Enjoy these Free EFT Teachings from EFT Master Instructor Deborah Lindsey from the Center for EFT Studies. EFT, formally known as the Emotional Freedom Techniques but often referred to as Tapping, is a powerful healing technique that can transform your life. These Free EFT Teachings are a wonderful complement to the Professional EFT Certification Training

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How To

How to Tap in 60 Seconds or LESS

Learn how to do EFT tapping in one minute!
Effective Tapping

How Effective is EFT Tapping?

How effective is EFT Tapping? Can you count on it to help you?
Find An Eft

How Do You Find an EFT Practitioner

How do you find an EFT practitioner? Learn how.

Is EFT a Pseudoscience?

Is EFT a Pseudoscience? Watch and find out!
Choose Eft Practitioner

How to Choose An EFT Practitioner

How do you know how to choose an EFT practitioner? Learn how.
What Does Eft Stand For In Eft Tapping

What Does EFT Tapping Stand For?

What does EFT Tapping Stand for? A quick hint -- It's NOT Electronic Funds Transfer!
What Is Suds

What is SUDS in EFT Tapping?

In EFT Tapping, we often refer to "taking your SUDS level." What does SUDS mean?
Why Would You Invest In Professional Eft Certification

Why Would You Invest in Professional EFT Certification Training?

Why would you invest in professional EFT certification training? An investment in training is an investment in your future self.
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