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Get Certified in EFT Tapping to Heal Yourself and Live Your Authentic Life

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Get Certified in EFT Tapping to Heal Yourself and Live Your Authentic Life

With the Premier Online EFT Certification Training™ with Deborah Lindsey

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Want To Learn About Our Emotional Freedom Technique Training? Watch this Video First.

Do you prefer watching videos to reading content on a website? On this page, we have answered all of your questions about the Premier online EFT Certification program that we offer here at the Center for EFT Studies — in videos. 

Now You'll Want To Know A Little Bit About Me

Watch to learn about Deborah Lindsey. Deborah is the instructor for the Emotional Freedom Techniques Training that we offer. She has more than 23 years of experience as an EFT Master Practitioner and Instructor and has certified more than 5,000 professional EFT practitioners around the world. 

Are We Credible?

You probably want to know if this program is legit, right? If you are new to the world of EFT or new to The Center for EFT Studies, this may be chief among your concerns. In this video, Deborah gives you a breakdown of why we are one of the best options for EFT Certification in the world today. 

How Does This All Work - The Basic Overview

The next question you might have is, “how does this all work?” Taking an online class and getting certified can be a significant undertaking and it can be a bit scary when you are first getting started. In this this video, you get an overview of how the whole process works. If you are seriously considering taking the Emotional Freedom Techniques training, you’ll want to watch this video in its entirety. 

What You Will Learn in Levels 1 & 2

While all accredited EFT Certification programs cover the basics, it is important to know exactly what you will learn in each of the levels. At the Center for EFT Studies, our programs are perhaps the most comprehensive in the world and you will be learning things not taught in any other program. Watch this video to get the full breakdown. 

What You Will Learn in Level 3, EFT Master Training

We are the only top-tier Emotional Freedom Techniques training program that offers you the option to become an EFT Master directly after completing the Levels 1 and 2 training. In this video, you learn what that means and why. As well as learning how our Level 3 program is different from the rest. 

What Does The Classroom Look Like
And How To Use It

Many people are intimidated by taking an online training program, especially if it is something they haven’t done before. In this video, we take you into the classroom and give you a full rundown of what it looks like and how to use it. 

What Separates This Training From Everyone Else

You have a lot of options when it comes to getting certified in the Emotional Freedom Techniques. And so it is helpful to understand the differences between the various programs. You may also want to download our Comparison Guide to see the differences outlined in detail. 

Why Choose Online Training Over Live Training?

For more than a decade, we were the only fully online, accredited Emotional Freedom Techniques certification program available. Since the pandemic, other programs have started to migrate online. As someone who taught the program in a live format for 8 years before taking it online, I outline the key benefits of choosing a wholly online EFT certification training. 

What Are The Requirements To Graduate?

How Much Can I Earn as a Certified Professional EFT Practitioner?

Do You Help Me To Get Clients?

How Much Does This Cost?

Do You Offer a Guarantee?

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Choose Between...

Levels 1 & 2
Practitioner Training
Get Certified In The Emotional Freedom Techniques

This EFT Certification Training is for Levels 1 and 2 and provides certifications at both levels. At the end of the training, you will embody the skillset of a Professional EFT Practitioner and be ready to take clients on Day 1 upon graduation. Includes both certificates.

or 10 payments of $165
Level 3
Master Training
Level 3 Master Seal Light Blue

Level 3 Certification, also known as Master Training, takes your practice to a whole new level. You will learn how to work with “life clients” who need advanced skillsets to help them to get well. Levels 1 and 2 are a prerequisite. Does not include the required Energy Anatomy course.

or 10 payments of $220
Levels 1, 2 & 3
Best Value
Level 1 2 3 Combo Seal

Go all-in and get Levels 1, 2, and 3 at the same time at a significant discount! It includes everything you need to become an EFT Master and includes the required “Energy Anatomy” course as well.

or 10 payments of $330

Helpful Hint: If you pay in full using PayPal Credit, you get up to 6 months at 0% interest to pay for it. Just click, “Pay with PayPal credit upon checkout.

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Are There Any Additional Or Hidden Fees?

Why Is This Class So Much Less Expensive Than The Competition?

Why Not Just Watch YouTube or Read Some Books?

Why Is Online Training Superior to Live Training?

How Much Can You Make as a Professional EFT Tapping Pracitioner?

Michael Made $5,400 In One Week with Tapping

And got a $150,000 grant from the State of Michigan!

Do We Help You To Get Clients?

Do You Have to Be a Licensed Professional To Take This Training?

Enroll Today to Save Up to $1,350!

Why Can You Finish This Course in Three Months When Others Take A Year?

Does The Certification Qualify You To Open A Practice and Help Others?

Are You Ready To Live Your Best Life?

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Enroll Today to Save Up to $1,350!

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