Marketing Tool (pdf) – How can I use EFT to help me?

Sometimes, marketing your EFT business and educating people on what EFT can do for them can be a challenge. Here’s a tool you can download, print, and distribute that can help people better understand the ‘magic’ of EFT and why they’d be smart to book a session with you!

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Soon, you’ll have more information on the Success Path (critical for knowing where you ARE and where you’re GOING) as we finalize things and build out more content for each stage.

Thanks for being patient with you as the Mentorship Program 2.0 rolls out!

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2 thoughts on “Marketing Tool (pdf) – How can I use EFT to help me?”

  1. Is there a specific FB group for the mentorship program? If so, what is the name of it?
    I tried the link above but it gave me an error saying the link may have expired.

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