EFT Tapping for Fear of Success

EFT Tapping for Fear of Success

Join Deborah Lindsey and Dawn Pensack in this EFT Tapping for Fear of Success. 

Ever feel like you’re taking a few steps forward in your EFT business only to take more steps backwards? This can be frustrating. But it’s not your fault. Subconscious self-sabotage is actually pretty common. Sometimes the fear of success is stronger and more ‘real’ than the fear of failing. Let’s tap to help you start to figure this out so you can move forward and achieve the success you deserve!

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  1. changeyourself.eft says:

    This is great stuff!! So much of it reasonated with me, I was nodding along and cleared lots of things to which will hopefully bring success! Thank You!!

  2. It is a great video! It was moving to see the real issues coming up with you Debra. An inspiration to all of us as we start our tapping careers. THANK YOU both!

    1. Dawn Pensack says:

      You just NEVER know what comes up with EFT, right?? This was such an awesome tapping session for us, too! Glad it resonated with you.

  3. mollysapp.sapp860 says:

    Thank you. I have struggled with getting started. This was very helpful and brought up some other stuff to tap on. Overall you hit the nail on the head. Again, Thank you.

    1. Dawn Pensack says:

      So glad it resonated with you!

      1. G'Anna Burke says:

        This was great, ladies!

  4. efttransformation says:

    Great tapping session! Thank you! The part that impacted me the most is the section on being afraid of being better than those I love and leaving them behind. I even had to go to the gamut point to release fully. I also needed to add a section in the positive round: I am safe, it is safe for me to be successful and be happy with my loved ones. Awesome topic!

    1. Dawn Pensack says:

      wow – so powerful! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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