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EFT Online Courses: “Life Client” vs. “Issue-Based-Client”

When choosing between different EFT Online courses, it is really important to know what it is  you are trying to learn? 

Do you want to work with “Issue-Based Clients” or do you want to work with “Life Clients?”  You see Levels 1 and 2, work with “Issue-based clients” while the Level 3 Master EFT Certification Training is all about working with “Life Clients.” 

In this training, EFT Master Trainer Deborah Lindsey discusses the two different types of clients and shares a few tips on how to differentiate between them so that you can easily choose which of the EFT Online courses is right for  you. 

Learn More About EFT Certification

To learn more about the EFT Certification Training Online go to www.onlineEFTcertification.com.

To learn more about the EFT Tapping Mentorship Program go to www.onlineEFTcertification.com/mentorship-program.

Leave your comments below and let us know which of the EFT Online courses is right for you.

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Thank you so much for this video !! Great information and insight!! So helpful!!