EFT and Bipolar Disorder

Can EFT / Tapping be used to heal bipolar disorder? In this short video, EFT trainer and EFT certification instructor Deborah Lindsey discusses the nature of bipolar disorder from the perspective of a tapping professional. She offers insights and suggestions on how to approach this very debilitating condition and how EFT can actually free clients that are suffering.

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12 thoughts on “EFT and Bipolar Disorder”

  1. Really great tips! Feeling very inspired that I also will be able to help people on such a deep level. Thank you for sharing Deborah!

    1. Deborah Lindsey

      Ha. Great question! A number of things. I had anxiety that was through the roof and I was looking for a way to heal myself more than anything else. Add to that the desire to heal my mom from a lifetime of depression and anxiety and a need for a new career where I could by my own boss and you had a perfect storm.

      What about you?

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