Drugs and Alcohol are the Solution

In this weeks Tapping Tip, EFT Master Practitioner and Certifying Instructor Deborah Lindsey discusses what lies beneath an addiction and how tapping on that rather then the addiction itself can provide the results your client seeks.

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11 thoughts on “Drugs and Alcohol are the Solution”

  1. Good to keep in mid for my client who has the very bad hip. He also drinks quite a bit and has for quite a long time. If I can get to the root of that then maybe I will be able to help him get some pain relief as well. Thank you or posting this Deborah.

  2. So true Deborah, the underlying problem drives us ofter to seek solutions of differnet kinds. To see the person, take the problem to the surface isn’t allways easy, but it can be done. Thank you. //

  3. Thanks Deb – I have seen amazing results with tapping – and especially when we consider the underlying issues are the problem. Working with Tapping  to bring the issues into consciousness or awareness for clearing then helps my clients shift to improved recovery and wellness. Love this work with clients and persons in recovery – regardless of diagnosis or symptom.

  4. Great tip! From my own research our brain craves glucose and when they go through a trauma alcohol is what people will turn to to get it. Unfortunately it’s the wrong kind of glucose. Tapping on the real issues and getting them to eat a ton of fruit with the good glucose helps.

  5. Hi Deborah
    I couldn’t agree more, I am one of your Tapping graduates and I struggled with a marijuana addiction for over 20 years and it was a large part of why I started tapping. Initially I tapped on the addiction and aspects of the addiction and I wasn’t getting any results so I decided to change tactics and not to focus on the addiction at all but rather all the stuff behind it. I went on an all out tapping binge on the feelings I had for myself, the shame, events that led to all this and guess what? Within a few days I just woke up and didn’t want it any more, I haven’t smoked for a month and it’ not willpower, my partner smokes and I could have it any time, my usual triggers still come up but I don’t even think about it. It’s so weird, and I just feel amazing within myself. I now think maybe it’s an area I can help others in. I can never thank you enough, my life has completely changed from tapping and it’s only the beginning xo

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