CATEGORY: Supplemental Courses

HH 505: Energy Kinesiology and Muscle Testing

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Instructor: John Maguire

In this comprehensive course you will learn the art and science of manual muscle testing to determine where energetic blockages which can cause stress and pain are located in the body.  You will acquire several practical holistic skills for clearing these energy blockages to alleviate pain and clear mental and emotional stress. You will also discover how to ask the body’s innate intelligence questions to determine what is at the source of a person’s health challenges and which approaches are best to restore health and enhance performance.  Also included will be how to determine food and environmental sensitivities. We do not diagnose or treat conditions or diseases through this approach. Instead we find where energetic blockages are in the body and along with doing simple massage and acupressure procedures, we determine through muscle testing what changes a person can make in their lifestyle, diet and thinking to create balance and optimum health.