CHEATSHEET (pdf) – EFT Technique – Chasing the Pain

Sometimes, having a Cheatsheet by your side is VERY helpful when working with clients. Check out this Cheatsheet that fills you in on ALL the steps when working with the ‘Chasing the Pain’ technique.

Click here to download. EFT TECHNIQUES CHEATSHEET – Chasing the Pain

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In regards to the FB Group, we’ve decided to postpone that for now and focus on supporting you through the Whatsapp Chat. 

Soon, you’ll have more information on the Success Path (critical for knowing where you ARE and where you’re GOING) as we finalize things and build out more content for each stage.

Thanks for being patient with you as the Mentorship Program 2.0 rolls out!’

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3 thoughts on “CHEATSHEET (pdf) – EFT Technique – Chasing the Pain”

  1. I have looked for the 20 October call with Deborah where did that go? Did it change into the papers aboat the different techniqes? I cannot find it.
    I like the different papers though. //ASA.

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