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What Is "Your EFT Business-In-A-Box?"

Your EFT Business-in-a-Box gives you everything you need to get your successful EFT business up and running in just a few days! Bypass the learning curve so that you can start making money as quickly as possible and know how to manage your business going forward.  

A Done-For-You Website!

A lot of people get tripped up when it comes time to make their website. So we do it for you!

In this program, we will walk you through the process of writing the content for your website step-by-step. We help you to choose your photos and to choose a specialization, a key to any successful EFT business.  

Once the content is written, we will create the website for you in a few short days, making it possible for you to open your EFT business as quickly and easily as possible! 

We even teach you how to maintain and update the website on your own!

Your Free Giveaway

Building a business means that you need to build and maintain relationships with your potential customers. In Your EFT Business-in-a-Box, we make this sooo easy! We have created a giveaway that you can put on your website to entice people to join your email list. Further, we teach you how to customize it yourself and adapt it to multiple uses. 

Your Email Automation

Once you have people on your email list, you want to send them emails so that they can get excited about working with you. For many people, this is one of the hardest things about building a business. But in Your EFT-Business-in-a-Box, we have written your first 10 customizable emails for you! And not only that, we teach you step-by-step how to set up, connect, and automate your emails so that when people sign up for your giveaway, it is all automated and working for you behind the scenes. We even teach you how to add more emails when you want to so you can keep your clients engaged and even  make special offers along the way. 

Your Social Media Presence

Social media is critical to getting new clients! In this program, you will get your first 14 done-for-you social media posts that are easily adaptable to you and your client. We even teach you how to set up your social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram and how to create more content so that you can stay in touch with your clients in the long run. We even teach you how to automate it so you can set it and forget it! 

Your First 10 Clients!

Getting your first 10 clients can be the scariest part of the whole process! In Your EFT Business-in-a-Box, we teach you an easy process to bring your first 10 clients into your practice. This helps to eliminate those nagging questions about whether you can be successful at this, shows you how to determine the correct pricing for you, and gets you underway! 

We are the only EFT Certification Program to Offer “Your EFT Business-in-a-Box.” This program is available to purchase separately for $1,000 or you can get it for free by enrolling in the next 2 hours.

Your Free Bonus Courses

The Role of Consciousness in EFT Healing

In this teaching, which is taught by Deborah Lindsey, we explore the nature of consciousness and the role it plays in EFT Tapping. 

We delve into theories of how consciousness manifests in and through physical reality. We will examine concepts of multi-dimensional space and sacred geometry. We discuss the light body, including the aura, the chakras and meridians, and the lessons encoded in the physical form. And much more. 

And finally, you will learn how to apply this knowledge to break old patterns and unleash your own divinity to maximize your ability to heal both yourself and others. And we will be using our newest technique, Instructional EFT (IEFT), to do a DNA activation!

You Save $100

Breaking the Cycle of Chronic Financial Anxiety to Find Peace

In this comprehensive six-module online course, you will look beneath the surface to discover the hidden programming in your unconscious mind that is blocking you from having the success you desire and deserve. Because the subconscious mind is 30,000 times more powerful than the conscious mind, this subconscious programming can wreak havoc in our lives. By identifying the hidden programs and tapping them out, you are able to unleash your true potential and create the life you really want.

You Save $200
5 Unsung Pillars of Addiction Course

5 Unsung Pillars of Healing Addiction with EFT

Addictions are a plague on the planet and at this moment in time, just about everyone is struggling with one addiction or another. 

In this teaching, we go beyond the usual teachings of how to heal addictions with EFT by learning about 5 rarely discussed or widely unknown pillars to help people struggling with addictions. These “unsung pillars” can be the key to helping someone get their life back. 

This 1:45 minute presentation is taught by Deborah Lindsey.

You Save $60

Free First-Year Membership In AEFTP

While most accrediting agencies require annual membership fees AND often grueling requirements to maintain your certification, AEFTP is the exception. They offer reasonable fees for annual membership and no CE or application requirements to maintain your accreditation. 

What they DO offer, among other benefits, is a practitioner listing complete with photo, bio, and links to your personal website showing that you are indeed accredited and giving you the credibility you deserve. 

When you join today, we will pay for your first year for free! 

You Save $80

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Includes the Required “Energy Anatomy” course, a $200 value,  for free.

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