Are you scared of the technology of an online EFT class?

Why choose OnlineEFT Certification training over live EFT Workshops? In this video, Deborah Lindsey, EFT Master Instructor from the Center for EFT Studies, reviews the pros and cons of an OnlineEFT Certification training over a live EFT workshop. 

Transcript:Are you scared of the technology of an online class?

So in a lot of people are thinking about getting certified online, the first thing they do is freak out about the technology, especially people who are a little insecure about technology. But I just want to assure you that if you are thinking about taking the EFT training and you are scared of technology, it isn’t going to matter. First of all, you can tap your way through it. But secondly, the class is really easy to take, you get in there and once you get your login and your password to go in and it’s step by step, you know, it’s click here, do this, click here to this.


And if you get tripped up, I’m always here to walk you through it. But even in those situations, it’s usually like five minutes of click on that and then you’re off and running. I have a lot of what I’ll call adult people in the training, have people in all age groups. And I’m particularly proud right now of this one woman who took the training. She is I’m not sure how her age, but she’s no spring chicken, as we would say.


And she has just taken to EFT like a fish to water. And she is out there helping people in her church group and she is helping everyone she can get her hands on. And she knew nothing about technology when she started. She was scared to death. But now she’s got a YouTube channel and she’s making videos all the time and putting them out and out there, just sharing the word and helping people all over the place. And she was someone who started out scared to death.


And with good reason, it’s scary if you haven’t taken an online class before. It’s scary, but trust me, it’s not going to be a problem. Just follow the leader. Follow the bouncing ball. Click here, click there, and if you have Internet and you know how to use a mouse or write an e-mail, you can take the EFT certification training. It is very straightforward. Easy to do. OK, just wanted to give you a little reassurance on that.


OK, up to see in the class.

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