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Get Certified in EFT Online.  Become a professional tapping practitioner from home in an easy-to-use online classroom. It's convenient and affordable. No travel required.
In-Depth Professional Training. Designed for people who want in-depth teachings that go way beyond weekend workshops. Learn it. Apply it. Get really, really good at it!
Interactive Class with Oversight.  Live tapping with Deborah and other students from all over the world. Learn from each other and heal at the same time.
Experienced EFT Instructor who Cares. Got questions? Need help? Ask! Your instructor, Deborah Lindsey, has more than a decade of experience and she is here for you all the way.

What Graduates are Saying About the Professional EFT Training with Deborah Lindsey


This online course has passed the rigorous standards for accreditation through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. ( Certified Massage Therapists receive 45 Continuing Education Credits for completion of the Level 1 and 2 EFT combined certification course.            Students who complete the combined EFT Certification Course receive 3 credits toward a degree at the International Metaphysical University at  Credits can apply toward a degree in Holistic Healing or Metaphysics.                                                                          

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