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Be extraordinary!

Master the transformational power of EFT to heal your life, heal others, and heal the world.

Get Certified in EFT, 100% Online Course

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EFT Certification Training offers a life of Freedom, Purpose, and a Reason to Wake up in the morning

stuck wheel2Are you stuck on the hamster wheel, living the same life over and over again?

Do you long for the freedom of owning your own life?

Are you frustrated trying to heal your past, heal your body, heal your relationships?

Do subconscious patterns and antiquated beliefs hold you back?

Were you born to serve others? Do you feel called to help?

Are you a counselor or a healer who is tired of getting lackluster results?


Heal Yourself. Heal Your Clients. Get Great Results.

Since the 1990’s the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) has been taking the world by storm! WHY? Because it works! Moreover it works when nothing else does! Through the magic of tapping, you are able to uncover and heal those broken parts of your life and the lives of the clients who depend on you. Whether you or your clients are stuck in a traumatic past, burdened by chronic pain, or limited by unconscious beliefs that keep you stuck in patterns that only serve to limit your potential, the Emotional Freedom Techniques puts the power into YOUR fingertips to transform your own life and the lives of others. As a well-trained, professional EFT practitioner, experience the satisfaction of helping others heal from even the most stubborn ailments. Moreover, this journey of transformation is a pathway to revealing your true self, living an authentic life, and fulfilling your own life purpose while helping others.


Discover the Benefits of an Online Classroom

Convenience, Freedom, Quality, Affordability

Freedom of Location: Train from anywhere… at home or on the road, all you need is your computer and a decent internet connection

Freedom of Schedule: Learn according to your own schedule. Log in whenever you want and enjoy your training. Need time off? No problem. Come back when you’re ready.

Flexibility of Pace: Wanna take your time and savor the class? Cool. Wanna be certified in just a few weeks? Also cool. The choice is yours!

Save Money! Save Hassle! Online means no travel necessary! No cost of airfare or gas, no cost of hotel room, restaurants, babysitters, etc. You can save the cost of the whole course in just what you would pay for travel to a single weekend workshop.

Save MORE Money! Because we also don’t have to pay for travel, our online training is among the most affordable in the field offering exceptionally high quality at an exceptionally low cost.

SAVE EVEN MORE MONEY! Because our course is all inclusive and all of the tapping partners and oversight is included in the course, there are no extra fees for mentorships, no need to do extra tapping sessions when you go home. It’s all built into the course!

Save Time! No need to wait for a course to become available. No need to travel back and forth to various trainings. In fact, you can start to transform your life right NOW if you want!

Save Even MORE Time! While a weekend workshop might look faster, you’ll need to tap with people in your own time and report back the results then wait for them to approve you before moving on to the next level. In some popular training this can take up to 3 years! Here everything is built in and you can be done with exceptionally high-quality, all-encompassing professional training in just a few months.

Exceptionally High-Quality Training. The reality is that it’s impossible to learn and remember everything you need to be a professional in a weekend workshop. The online course offers consistent, professional training that is comprehensive but gives you the time to learn, absorb, practice, and embody a skill. It is a college course that takes you through a process, not just feeds you information. Plus the online format allows you to go back and review the content at any time, for FREE.

Ongoing Interaction, Oversight, and Guidance. Online training means that instruction goes beyond teaching…. It goes into oversight and guidance while you are learning your skill and honing your craft. Live workshops end at the door. The relationship with this course, its participants, and the instructor goes on indefinitely.

Online Community of Tapping Partners. Because the class is international, you will have an unlimited supply of tapping partners to tap with on an ongoing basis. It’s kind of like having free tapping sessions at your beck and call for the life of the class! Plus, you’ll be a member of the exclusive online group on Facebook where you can learn from and interact with other practitioners at any time.


Unleash the Power at Your Fingertips with Deborah Lindsey, a Master EFT Trainer with more than 16 years of Experience as an Instructor in the Tapping Industry

deb whitebg2This course is taught by Deborah Lindsey. Deborah will guide you on a transformational journey with her incredible insights and tantalizing tidbits that take you beyond basic EFT concepts into EFT mastery. You will soon see why this dynamic, internationally-recognized Instructor is rated among the top 1% of EFT Certification Trainers worldwide. She has been practicing and teaching EFT for more than 16 years and has certified more than 2,000 practitioners in 18 countries around the world.  She is also the President of the International Metaphysical University and a founding member of the Association for EFT Professionals (AEFTP). She is currently traveling the world, working with students and clients wherever she goes.

What do you get?

blue checkmarkFull Access to an EXCLUSIVE Online Classroom
blue checkmark Internationally-Recognized EFT Certification Training
blue checkmark FREE Downloadable EFT Manual
blue checkmark More than 50 Hours of Professionally-Accredited Training Through AEFTP 
blue checkmarkDirect, Personal Instructor Oversight and Interaction 
blue checkmark Demonstration Videos that Show the Entire Process from Beginning to End 
blue checkmark Interaction with Other Students, both Live on Skype and Online
blue checkmark Fast-Track Membership into AEFTP (Association of EFT Professionals) 
blue checkmarkMarketing Tips and Guidance on How to Successfully Start and Grow Your Own Tapping Business
blue checkmark Credit Towards a Degree at the International Metaphysical University
blue checkmarkDiscounts on Continuing Education Courses to Further Your Tapping Skillset  
blue checkmarkAccess to the EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group 
blue checkmark Unlimited Time to Complete the Course
blue checkmark Unlimited Tapping Partners
blue checkmark Lifetime Access to Review Material Even Years Later

More than 2,000 practitioners certified in 18 different countries

What Graduates are Saying About the Professional EFT Certification Training with Deborah Lindsey

Professionally Accredited Online Course

BCTMB logo web

This online course has passed the rigorous standards for accreditation through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Certified Massage Therapists receive 45 Continuing Education Credits for completion of the Level 1 & 2 EFT combined certification course.

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Students who complete the combined EFT Certification Course receive 3 credits toward a degree at the International Metaphysical University at www.intermetu.com.  Credits can apply toward a degree in Holistic Healing or Metaphysics.

aeftp accredited

Enrollment in the Practitioner Certification course qualifies you for membership into the Association of EFT Professionals, adding even more credibility to your practice.  And, as a graduate of this course, get "fast-tracked" into the organization since you'll be coming from a preapproved member institution.

Personal Certification

Level 1 Only

EFT Certification Seal level 01


The basics, and beyond… everything you need to know to transform your life, or the lives of your closest loved ones.

Practitioner Certification

Levels 1 and 2 Combo Course

EFT Certification Seal level 1and2$499


Sign up for Level 1 & 2 COMBINATION Course and earn the title of Certified EFT Professional Practitioner.  Completion of this 12-module course earns you 3 credits at the International Metaphysical University, and qualifies you for fast-track membership into the Association of EFT Professionals (AEFTP)

Payment Plan Options Available

Personal Certification Payment Plans

Make 2 payments of $175

Make 3 payments of $133.00

Practitioner Certification Payment Plans

Make 2 payments of $274.50

Make 3 payments of $199.66

Are you from a country whose currency is not on par with the US Dollar?  Contact me at deborah@onlineeftcertification.com for comparable pricing.


Why spend one more day in pain?

Why wait one more day to change your life?

*Heal yourself of those limiting beliefs and traumatic-experiences that hold you back

* Live a powerful and pain-free life

* Experience a life filled with purpose and meaning

* Master a skill that can earn you a six-figure income while helping others

Give yourself the greatest gift you could ever give yourself!

Deborah brings tapping to life, creating a fun, engaging, and life-transforming course.

meg tobinquote leftI am a licensed Mental Health Counselor and my client load is very trauma-heavy.  I was trained to follow the trauma and that pulling clients into experiencing it again was healing. That model is ALL WRONG! I was seeking alternatives. I found Deborah's course and embarked on a life- and work-changing journey.  Deborah knows her stuff and was able to cover every piece necessary for me to feel confident and knowledgeable about this process. The forums and FB pages are priceless!  Not only was I able to learn from Deborah, but from everyone who posts!  I no longer aid and abet my therapy clients in being re-traumatized. Ever. For any reason.  EFT and Deborah have completely changed the way I practice psychotherapy. I highly recommend IMU's EFT training course. Do it! Now! It will change you. I am sure of it!quote right

- Meg Tobin, MA, LMHC

Want more information? Pick up the phone! We are here for you. 304-295-4411.

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Money-back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with the Online EFT Professional Certification course for any reason in the first seven days, we will gladly refund your tuition. As a second guarantee, if you are not completely enamored with the course upon its completion and feel that it was in any way not up to standard, we will issue a full refund. To request a refund, email me directly at deborahlindseyEFT@gmail.com.



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